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Which Sound System Should I Put in My Home?

Audio Video Experience shows you which speakers and receivers are best in every setting

Which Sound System Should I Put in My Home?

As the music capital of the country, Nashville is home to many avid music lovers and professional musicians. Audio Video Experience is proud to provide the Nashville area, as well as Brentwood and Franklin, with the best products to create a music experience unlike any other.

However, you may be unsure of which systems to buy and how to configure them in your home or business. In this blog, we cover two top speaker manufacturers and two top AV receivers that you can use in a various rooms and settings.


Sonance speakers are versatile enough to be used in any room in the home, yet still maintain high-performance sound quality in your whole house music system. Whether you want a pair to go with your HD television in the living room, something modest for your bedroom, or hidden speakers in the kitchen, Sonance can provide solutions for nearly every use.

James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker is known for its custom work and excellence in design and quality. This high-end brand produces high-performance sound for your home theater, outdoor grounds, or music room. With James, you not only get best in sound, but custom service since their products are custom built to application.


Since the AV receiver is the heartbeat of your music and entertainment system, it’s important you make the right choice to pair with your speakers. Anthem is a great choice to go with top-notch speakers like James. Anthem has the power you need to fuel a sound system that blows you away…and may even make you get a hearing aid.


Marantz helps you create the magic of a movie. Often used in private cinemas, their finely-crafted surround sound receivers help you experience the music as the artist intended. With a long-standing history in the AV industry, Marantz is a definitely a brand you can trust. Speakers by Paradigm or Sonance would go well with these receivers.

No matter how big the job is, our professionals can design the perfect sound system for you. Whether you want a large home theater with the best speakers in the business, or a more modest media room with surround sound by Sonance, we can meet all of your audio video needs to create the ultimate music-listening experience.

Call us at (888) 718-7879 or fill out the contact form on our website for information about how our professionals can get you listening to your favorite tracks.

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