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Rather than dragging subpar portable speakers and your clumsy flat-screen TV out to the back patio and risking getting washed out by rain and inclement weather, our home automation system installations make it possible to effortlessly bring the height of modern luxury living to the great outdoors. Whether you’re spending the day around the pool, hosting friends to watch the big game or staging a movie night under the stars, we’ll engineer the perfect entertainment space for your backyard, deck, sunroom or patio, with outdoor sound systems and integrated automation that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Beyond just audio, our outdoor entertainment systems include everything you need in order to enjoy your favorite media out in the sun:


We carry the best brands for televisions and projectors specifically designed to achieve peak performance in outdoor environments, including Séura and SunBriteTV. These projectors and televisions are completely weatherproof so that you never have to worry about heat, rain, snow, or dirt damaging your electronic devices.


Your outdoor audio shouldn't be limited to just one small area. We can design complete surround sound systems that fill every area of your patio or backyard with immersive, high-fidelity music. These surround sound speakers can double up as audio for an outdoor home theater and as background music for partiies! Whether you're looking for James outdoor speakers, another brand, or just want the best sound possible, we can design the right audio setup for your outdoor spaces.


Every outdoor sound system or television we install is designed with the user experience in mind. You shouldn't have to worry about 5 different remotes or complicated processes to connect to a streaming service. That's why we recommend connecting all of your outdoor entertainment devices to one centralized control system that makes it easy to adjust volume, streaming service, media selection, and more at the push of a button. This same home automation platform can control your landscape lights and water fixtures too!

If you'd like to learn more about our outdoor entertainment services throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Tennessee area, please reach out! You can call us at  (888) 718-7879  or fill out the contact form below.