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Window treatments are important for many reasons, from protecting your privacy to keeping your home more comfortable by letting in or blocking sunlight. But it can be very difficult to adjust window shades or blinds if the strings are in an awkward place, or if the window is very tall or hard to reach. That’s where motorized window treatments can make your life much easier!

We install motorized window treatments in Brentwood, Franklin, & Nashville areas as part of our whole home control systems. With home automation for your blinds or shades, you can adjust all of your window treatments at once if you’d like -- and they line up perfectly, right to your specs. So no more tangled-up blind cords, crooked shades or blinds that fall down because you accidentally pulled too hard! With motorization, you just get window treatments that do exactly what you want them to, every time.

Once you experience whole home automation, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Give us a call today to learn about our motorized window treatments and other smart home solutions we can implement in the Nashville area!