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Everyone hates hearing that awfully loud, awfully annoying alarm or radio blaring in the morning, waking them up with all the gentleness of an jackhammer. Don’t you wish there was a nicer way to be woken up in the morning?

Now imagine waking slowly and calmly while your user-friendly home automation system gradually raises your home’s window shades, increases intensity of selected house lights little by little and raises your television or radio’s volume bit by bit. Even better: Imagine rousing your hard-to-wake kid by programming their radio alarm to play music they don’t like.

Here’s more examples of why Nashville, Brentwood and Springhill residents are choosing to simplify and enhance their life with interactive home automation:


Control Movies and Television from any seat in the room with the touch of one button.


No more stumbling around in the dark at night trying to get to the bathroom – just tell your home to light the path to your bathroom so you don’t suffer any more painful stubbed toes.


Secure what matters most, your family and home. Have all the lights in your home turn on as soon as a fire alarm is triggered, and receive email or mobile alerts when away.
Smart media controls allows you to play music and videos from multiple sources with the same handheld device.
Set the right mood for any occasion by scheduling light settings to occur at desired times. Start the party off with bright, fun lights and gradually have them decrease as the night winds down.
If you are one of those people who try to carry as many grocery bags as possible so you don’t have to make an extra trip, tell your house to unlock your door when you need it unlocked – like when you are holding five bags in each hand.