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How Can I Give My Business a Boost From Computer Network Upgrades?

Audio Video Experience Expands the Capabilities of Your Office Space

How Can I Give My Business a Boost From Computer Network Upgrades?

Today’s networks serve as an information highway for large volumes of traffic, and will only need to expand as amount of data and content grows. The team at Audio Video Experience are experts at integrating the technology of your corporate or commercial space. Upgrading your wireless and wired network not only enables productivity at the office, but helps capitalize on the bandwidth you purchase from your home internet service provider for the fastest possible speeds.

The best networks combine the benefits of the superior speeds of wired networks with the accessibility of wireless. Wired access points are great for stationary equipment such as media servers, Apple TVs, and video conferencing equipment.

Create a More Productive Atmosphere

Why regulate your employees to their desks? Meeting rooms, break rooms and courtyards can all maintain connectivity with an integrated wireless and wired network. Having additional internet and server access keeps employees connect anywhere in the office, so they’ll never miss a client email. Want to boost morale and host a meeting outside on the green? When you expand your office network the possibilities for productivity are endless!

Impress New and Existing Clients

With always on wireless connectivity, you can create an engaging atmosphere for customers and clients. Digital display solutions throughout your facility can be connected for constant updates, delivering visually stimulating content to everyone who frequents your facility. IPads throughout the office and sales floor give your team the internet access they need to constantly communicate intelligently with clients. Guests will also benefit from being able to connect while at your establishment, increasing their satisfaction while visiting your retail or office space.

Easily Expand and Reconfigure Your Network

As business grows your network should expand with it. Te team at Audio Video Experience will lay down the proper wiring making it easy to add more access points when the time comes. In addition, as technology continues to advance your business will be able to support the additional bandwidth needed for video conferencing, and other activities.

A stable and robust office network allows everyone in the company stay connected, get more work done and improve the atmosphere for your clients. Contact the team at Audio Video Experience to learn more today!

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