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Five Great Starting Points for Home Automation

A Guide to Diving into the Best Smart Home Technology

Five Great Starting Points for Home Automation

Ever thought of living in a smart home? It’s an easily achievable goal! Today’s smart homes bring luxury, comfort, and convenience - all at the press of a button.  Most homeowners in the Hendersonville area don’t realize just how many options are available when it comes to smart home automation.  From motorized shades to integrated AV systems, you can customize your Tennessee home to look and feel any way you wish.

So where should you start? Our recommendations go to the options listed below…

Home Lighting Control

There is no need to search for that tiny light switch on the wall anymore.  Lighting control means you can turn your lights on and off using your smartphone, tablet, motion sensors, or even your voice.  Dim the lights to create ambiance for an evening dinner party or brighten them up when the festivities are just beginning.

Motorized Shades

Save time and energy with automated shades and blinds.  To minimize solar heat gain, you can set your motorized shades to lower at specific times of the day when the sun is directly shining through your windows.  This can also prevent sun damage to your beautiful furniture and décor.  If you’re aching for natural sunlight, have the shade roll up under your command. 

And with dual shading, you don’t have to choose between style and practicality.  Pick a fabric or pattern of your choice for one shade, and then black-out shades for another to prevent any glares on your TV while you watch movies.

Audio and Video

From the same source you control your lights and shades with, you can also manage your entire entertainment system.  With one device, the power is completely in your hands.  Operate your TV in multiple rooms, play your favorite tunes throughout the house, or turn on your projector in your home theater.  Using your media and entertainment centers is easy when you don’t have to worry about numerous remotes and endless learning curves.

Security and Surveillance

A smart security system ensures that you and your family are kept safe at all hours.  Smart door locks allow you to check on any doors while you’re away and remotely lock them wherever you are.  You can pull up real-time surveillance videos on your phone, so you can always know the status of your home.  The system can notify you on your phone if there is any unwanted guest or movement near your home so that you can act immediately upon it.

Climate Control

A smart thermostat enables you to adjust your home’s temperature to the exact degree you want – in any room, from anywhere.  You can create schedules for the thermostat to lower or raise the temperature depending on the time or have it automatically change depending on the day’s weather.  Save energy and heating bill costs, and stay comfortable throughout the day.

Smart automation is guaranteed to make your daily life easier and much more relaxed.  Learn more about these top-notch smart technology features by contacting us for all your smart home needs at (888) 718-7879 or online.

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