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Audio Video Experience Designs a Media Space Unlike All the Others

Media Rooms Can Bring Entertainment to Any Area

Audio Video Experience Designs a Media Space Unlike All the Others

A well-designed media room can provide a fun escape from the stresses of life. Any space can become a home theater or a gaming room outfitted with multiple screens and surround sound. Whatever your vision is, a custom-built entertainment system can give family and friends a place to connect and have fun. Audio Video Experience has all the tools and professional experience needed to personalize your media room to your exact taste.

Typically, a media room consists of a large viewing area and a high-quality audio package. You’ll also want to provide chairs or couches for all of your guests so they can enjoy this year’s hottest flicks and music.

If you want to integrate a media room into your home but aren’t sure if you have enough space, Audio Video Experience has a number of suggestions to transform any living area.

Multipurpose Room

In today’s modern age, a media room can be integrated into a traditional living room, creating a cozy and enchanting space for your guests. A variety of large, flat, 4K televisions are available for big screen viewing in a small room. Do your kids always have friends over to play video games? Accompanied by a strong integrated network, your modern theater space can have multiple screens for a multiple player game room that everyone in the neighborhood will love. A media room that doubles as a playroom can incorporate a big screen that is only seen when in use. Audio Video Experience can even install a large projector screen that can retreat back into the ceiling. Whether you want to show off your entertainment system or hide it for dual purposes, we can make it happen.

Hidden Cinemas

For many, watching a movie before bedtime is a great way to unwind from a long, tiring day. Turning your bedroom into comedy central or a tear-jerking romance story enclave is possible, regardless of the size of your space. Televisions can be mounted to various locations or installed using motorized lifts that return the screen into a closet or under the bed when not in use. Custom cabinets can also be built to hide televisions, while speakers can be enclosed in walls or ceilings to blend into the décor.

Small Home Theater

A short room, such as an unused portion of a basement, can be converted into a home theater as well. Our professionals can put in a projector designed for a shorter viewing distance and designate a wall for the screen. An integrator can help you choose the right screen size for the dimensions of your space that won’t overwhelm your guests and still make you feel like you’re at the movies. These dimensions will be taken into account when designing a multi-channel surround sound system and an integrated lighting system.

Whether you update your bedroom, kids’ playroom, or the garage, the most important features of a media room are picture quality, light, and sound. If you have any questions or if you would like to start transforming your home into a media dream house today, contact us here at Audio Video Experience! Not only do we have the expertise to integrate media into any room, but we also enjoy working with people from different places and walks of life—like Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville Tennessee. We work hard and have fun while we’re doing it too.


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