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3 Essential Features for Your Customized Home Theater

The Technology that will Drastically Improve Your Movie-Watching Experience

3 Essential Features for Your Customized Home Theater

There’s nothing quite like watching a mega-hit blockbuster on the big screen.  The piping hot popcorn, the comfy seats, and the immersive sounds all contribute to the ultimate viewing experience.  Now imagine having all these movie-going necessities in the comfort of your own home.  No need to drive to the theater, scooch in between strangers, and strain to see the screen above the person in front of you.  With these home theater installation essentials, you’ll be well on your way to crafting an exceptional viewing space for your Springhill, TN home.

4K Visuals

For you to get that true commercial cinema feel, you’ll want 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution. You can achieve that through a projector and screen combination that gives the nostalgia look along with top-quality visuals.  Have your screen roll up when not in use and put in place projectors that can hide well and work silently.  But if you’re a bigger fan of flat screen 4K TVs, they offer up astonishing picture quality as well.  You can sit as close as you’d like, freeing up your seating choices, and not have to worry about seeing the individual pixels on the screen.  Now with anti-glare properties and access to every media app and program available, you can watch and enjoy the perfect image.


Surround Sound

You want the feel of total immersion, and audio is a key component in that.  High-quality audio is what makes going to your local theater a desired experience – but now you can bring that superior sound to your home.  3D audio systems create the ultimate surround sounds that encompass a listener and travel around the entire space so that everyone can hear every last sound bite.  You’ll never miss a beat of dialogue, an engaging action scene, or a crucial piece of information on the screen.  With surround sound, you can feel not just like you’re in the movie theater, but that you’re in the movie as well!

Custom Seating

Comfort is essential for your home theater needs.  You want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view without any hindrances.  You can pick from a variety of fabrics, choosing ones that won’t absorb sound and create marbled audio, as well as fabric that won’t reflect light.  Choose seating that gives your head and neck the proper support, and won’t block sound from reaching the rest of the room.  By creating the “sweet triangle” and placing the seating between the left and right speakers, you can ensure everyone can see and hear the movie or show on screen.

Installing the home theater of your dreams is easy, and the rewards are endless.   Learn more about these essential home cinema features by contacting us at (888) 718-7879 or online through our contact page.

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