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Why You Should Be Looking Into Installing Home Automation

Why You Should Be Looking Into Installing Home Automation

Did you ever think the world would come as far as it has, where technological advancements are literally at our fingertips?

Did you ever think the world would come as far as it has, where technological advancements are literally at our fingertips? It is quite a reality check for some, but it’s an advancement that has made life so much easier and convenient, which is especially beneficial in the fast-paced world we live in. What’s even more fascinating is how these technological advancements have made their way into our homes.

We have come a long way from phonographs, cathode ray tube (CRTs) televisions, Hoover Dial-a-Matics, and Sunbeam percolators. All those home appliances and devices from yesteryear were once the latest technological advancements designed for the home, and essentially served as the blueprint for the technological conveniences we have today.

You may look back to those appliances and think “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” However, you cannot deny the revolutionary strides that have been made to make our homes more tech savvy. The technology over the years, up to this very day, allows homeowners to control various functions within their homes from a remote, smartphone, or other wireless devices. This technology is called smart home technology because it automates the functions of your home. 

Homes with this type of technology are labeled as “smart” due to the controllable functions seeming to think on their own. There are certain appliances, features, and devices you can buy that are “smart,” but to have all the technologies connected and controllable through your home, you are going to need home automation installation.

If you are still weighing your options on whether you should consider smart home installation, wonder no more. Below you’ll find the biggest reasons why home automation installation should be your next home improvement project.

Your Home Feels More Secure

How many times have you left home and thought “did I lock the door?” or worry that someone may have discovered where you keep your spare house key. We do it all the time. Things like home security systems, automated lighting, and motion sensors are all automation technologies that make your home feel more safe and secure, and they all can be controlled from your phone or any other smart device when you’re at home or away from home.

This added security also brings about peace of mind knowing your home is safe as well as your family inside, whether you’re at home or away. Continuous worrying can be put to rest.

You’re Saving Energy

Programmable smart thermostats give you more control over your heating and cooling systems by learning your schedule as well as temperature preferences and habits. Based on that, the thermostat will suggest the best temperature settings for energy efficiency throughout the day.

Additionally, you can have more precise control over your lights and shades in your home. These can be set to an evening mode so that the lights will turn on or off when you leave one room and go into another. This, in turn, saves energy, which also saves on your monthly energy bills.

You Can Enjoy Ultimate Comfort

One of the biggest perks of home automation installation is creating a more comfortable space. Imagine leaving for work one morning and the temperature outside was nice and cool, around 68 degrees, but by the time you got home, the temperature jumped to 92 degrees and your home feels the same inside. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature inside so that it is not sweltering hot when you get home.

Another added comfort is home entertainment. Your idea of playing music and watching TV and movies can be taken to a completely new level with smart home technology. A home theater system with surround sound will make you feel like you’re at the movies and wholehome audio will turn up the volume on your musical experience making you feel like you are at a live concert of your favorite artists!

The Ease and Convenience of Smart Home Technology

The technologies of yesteryear certainly served their purpose back then and proved to be the foundation of the home technologies we have today. However, the way we enjoyed the comforts of home back then has drastically changed today. From safety and temperature control to lighting and entertainment, ease, and convenience from the comfort of home can be accessed and controlled from our fingertips. However, as complex as home automation installation sounds, it indeed is that complex, which is why you want your smart home installation done by professional installers.

At AV Experience, we believe every home is unique, therefore, our home automation installation services are customized as well. Whether you want energy management, an entry system, a home theater and media room, or motorized shading, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to create the state-of-the-art home living space of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss your smart home customizations.

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