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hoExamining the Rising Surge in Home Automation: Could It Be the New Normal?

hoExamining the Rising Surge in Home Automation: Could It Be the New Normal?

Home automation is most certainly the direction the world is heading in. This can be great news for some but can bring about opposing views for others; it just all depends on who you’re talking to about the parameters of this industry.

Home automation is most certainly the direction the world is heading in. This can be great news for some but can bring about opposing views for others; it just all depends on who you’re talking to about the parameters of this industry.

When it comes to smart home automation installation, there is no denying the fact that it comes with its benefits and conveniences. Incorporating this type of technology into your home not only brings about comfort and safety, but it also is a large contributor to energy conservation, which is great for the environment and your wallet!

The funny aspect about smart home integration is that despite the misconceptions and misconceived notions about this massive technological advancement, it’s actually narrowing a generational divide.

Old School vs New School

The idea of smart homes has been (traditionally) considered as a “young person’s” endeavor. However, as quiet as it may be kept, there’s research revealing that smart home technology is actually narrowing the divide between generations when it comes to life at home.

A report by LG ThinQ® reveals that smart technology is not only transforming the daily routines and lifestyles of people all over the world, but that the technology is beneficial across generations, no matter your age, tech-savviness, or values. So, with that, how is this technology disrupting and strengthening the very foundations that the traditional American home was built on? Well, there are quite a few motivations behind the surge in home automation. Let us dig a little deeper.

Surge in Home Automation


A rise in building development and an increase in urbanization in European countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, and Austria fueled the expansion of the global home automation industry. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for home automation systems. For example, urbanization increased by 0.3% in Ukraine during the years 2018 and 2020.

Additionally, an increase in the demand for energy-efficient solutions as well as an increase in the demand for safety and security for houses are some of the primary drivers that are projected to drive the market for home automation. In addition, during the period of forecast, there is anticipated to be a significant rise in the amount of disposable income, as well as an increase in the number of government initiatives for the development of smart cities. Both of these factors are anticipated to significantly contribute toward the expansion of the home automation market.

The necessity for significant financial investments as well as a general lack of knowledge in developing countries are the factors that are expected to hinder the growth of the market throughout the period covered by the forecast. On the other hand, it is projected that the growing acceptance of automated services would give more chances for the expansion of the home automation industry.

In the US

Many Americans have been investing in smart home integration for a while now, but it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that people started to redefine the very spaces they called home. Restrictions, cautions, and even curfews at one point, were put in place to keep the public safe. Because everyone had to spend more time at home, it forced many people to figure out how to enjoy their homes more. And we’re not talking about pulling out the Monopoly board games and tennis nets... we are talking full-blown home theaters, game rooms, sound systems, and man caves!

This put into perspective that our need for technology has evolved significantly across all aspects of our lives, including our work and our leisure activities. It also had an effect on the way we utilize technology.

Since everyone was home more, entertainment played a significant role in home automation installation. Interest in home security systems increased from wanting to make sure everyone was safe while at home each day. This then triggered a rise in utility costs with lights, air conditioning, and water. So, finding a cost-effective way to be at home every day was important as well. And home automation contributed greatly to energy conservation.

Now, despite vaccinations, restrictions being lifted, and the world being fully open, people have simply enjoyed all the luxuries of being at home and don’t have as much interest in getting out to go to the movies or to watch sports at public locations when they can simply do the same thing in their pajamas with a cold, and less expensive, cocktail in hand!

The New Norm Defined

So, to answer the question of home automation being the new norm... the short answer is “absolutely!” We, as a society, have gotten so comfortable and used to enjoying the comforts of home, and there is nothing wrong with that. With smart home integration, the idea of being a “homebody” isn’t so unappealing as it used to be.

Where many get hung up with making their home smart, is the home automation installation part of it. If you are the handy type, then installing your home automation system yourself might be just the project you need to flex your DIY muscles. However, installing this type of system is complicated and involves obtaining the right equipment that’s compatible with your assistant or hub. If you’re unsure about any of those aspects, do not rely on YouTube; turn to the pros at Audio Video Experience.

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